Reusable To-Go Food Ware System

Join the Millions already combating climate change through reuse.

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Everyone’s favorite rentable, reusable cup system is ready to make an impact beyond concerts and sporting events. 

 r.Ware is an App-based reusable food container system is designed for: 

As innovators in reuse solutions (just ask Fast Company who named r.Cup 2020 World Most Innovative Company), we had to do something. Enter r.Ware.

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r.Ware has one clear purpose: to tackle the single-use waste crisis. And, here’s the most important part: We want to make it easy for you to share in this goal too.

Join the Millions already combating climate change through reuse.​

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r.Ware is built from r.Cup’s proven technology, operations and systems, safely replacing disposable to-go ware with a turnkey reusable solution. Our r.Ware system drives repeat business, increases customer loyalty and serves up streamlined services to restaurant operators everywhere. Even more, r.Ware conveys our shared values of sustainability and environmental responsibility – so very important for the health of our people and our planet.

We can’t contain our excitement!

Our system is designed to bring reusability to restaurants while never slowing down food service. r.Ware containers can be used and implemented into service just as any disposable container is.

No service operation changes needed!

APP Based Logistics & Sterilization

Our APP-based technology – called r.Turn™ –  gives us the ability and infrastructure to distribute containers, then collect them, wash, sterilize and then restock. This not only eliminates waste but also adds an additional layer of food safety via our advanced sterilization system.

QR & RFID Technology

We serve the hospitality industry by driving marketing and customized loyalty programs based on the use and return of our eco-friendly food packaging. In addition to rewards, the r.Turn™ APP tracks food containers from pick-up to return using both QR and RFID technology.

Customized Loyalty Programs

Our customizable loyalty/rewards and couponing capability is easy to use and drives repeat business through meaningful transactions. Whether it’s working toward a free menu item, building points to get restaurant swag or raising funds for a local nonprofit/community service project, let’s discuss how we can personalize a Loyalty Program for you!

Self Scan Return Station

We install our automated QR/RFID return stations at each location, increasing program visibility, showcasing usage instructions and providing a place to collect used items. Each station features a touchscreen tablet with a self-serve scan-in for rewards. Customers can save up or use immediately at restaurant POS registers.

Program & Marketing Tools

All partners are provided with proven effective messaging and social media content. In addition, in-store marketing and easy-to-use training toolkits are provided to ensure this is a sustainability program customers, community leaders, and staff are excited about.

Our Operator
Partner Experience

Step 1:

r.Ware implements our system set-up with new partners, which includes installing self-scan return station, creating a custom Loyalty Program, and providing signage, staff training materials and marketing messaging to help educate and excite customers.

Step 2:

r.Ware delivers sterilized containers, then collects used containers from return stations, washes and sterilizes at our local washing hub.

Step 3:

Restock. Reuse. Repeat.

More tasty bites.

r.Ware products are highly durable, leak resistant and made of 100% BPA-free polypropylene that can be used again … and again …. and again.
With our automated, self-scan return stations, r.Ware is easy to implement and delivers customers back to our partner locations to return used containers.
r.Ware allows r.Cup (in collaboration with Encora) to take our innovative reuse models out of stadiums and festivals around the country and bring it home with the r.Ware system for to-go food service.
Unlike traditional takeout containers, r.Ware can be washed and reused over and over again, before ultimately being upcycled by r.Ware, bringing peace of mind (and good eats) to eco-minded diners everywhere.
Our r.Ware program puts the power of reducing single-use waste literally in the hands of our partners – and rewards customers and communities for doing their part too.

The Customer Experience

Step 1

Open r.Turn™ APP to activate their account.

Step 2

Customer scans container QR codes to their account.

Step 3

Customer brings containers to our self-serve return station and scans for rewards – to use immediately or continue accruing.

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Join the MILLIONS combating climate change through reuse